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5-23-17… Without a Sail…..

A sail boat without a sail is a problem.

It seems obvious right?  The sail boat can float.  It can float for a long time, but without a sail it’s not really going to go anywhere, or worse it’ll go wherever the tide takes it.

We do this a lot in training.  We start floating without direction. We come randomly not consistently, we don’t set goals, we haphazardly show up, we don’t track workouts, or worse we don’t even show up or try to do something without guidance.

That’ll keep you floating.  It’ll make you feel like you’re doing something, but in reality you’re just floating.  You’re staying stagnant or worse, regressing.

In order to progress you need a sail, and you need wind to push you.  That’s where our program comes in.

You show up consistently.  You track your workouts.  You said goals with your primary coach.  You do reassessments.  Then your sails will carry in the direction of results.  

Are you using the wind in your sails?





Snatch Balance



Pull ups x 5

Push ups x 10

Squats x 15

AMRAP 20 minutes