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5-24-17… The Invisible Fence….

There are very few fences that can stop a determined person or animal from getting through it.

Many times the fence is there as a reminder that we aren’t supposed to do something.

We do this in our head.  Most of the time the fences we put up are mental.  

We can’t lift a heavy weight.  We can’t workout that hard.  We can’t eat that way.  All of these things are putting up a mental fence before we actually test and see if we can’t.  We’ve decided the outcome before we tried the outcome.

Determined people tear down the fence, hop over the fence, go through the fence, or open the gate.  Let’s deconstruct these mental fences and push ourselves to try as hard as possible.  I bed you’d be surprised at the outcome!




Front Squat, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Box Jumps x 5

KB Swings x 7

Burpees x 9

AMRAP 12 min