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5-25-17… The Best Version of You….

What is the best version of you?  Have you ever pondered this questions.

If you could wake up tomorrow and present to the world the very absolute best version you could envision, what would that person look like?

What we you do?  What would you say?  How would you carry yourself?  How would you work?  What actions would you take that day?  How would you respond to emails?  How would you treat the people that talk to you or interact with you?

Now that you’ve thought that through……

do it!

What’s holding you back, what’s stopping you?  What would need to happen for that person to be the person you are?  Ponder that for 5 minutes write down the answers and make it a reality.




OHP, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work



Wall Balls


Hand Release Push Ups

Sit Ups