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5-30-17…. Pain….

Change doesn’t happen without pain.

The pain of remaining stagnant in whatever situation you are in, must be greater than the perceived expectation of the pain that will happen with the change.  We don’t do anything without this principle.

We don’t join a gym unless we are so fed up with our clothes not fitting that we finally get the courage to try a program.  We don’t follow good nutrition unless the pain of staying where we are at physically out weighs the pain of denying ourselves dessert after dinner.

Think about this the next time you want to make a change?  How can you leverage pain in order to help you make the changes you know you should make?

What needs to change in your life?  What are you doing about it?




Dip Clean and Jerk


Kettle Bell Swings x 21

Sit Ups x 21

5 rounds for time