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6-14-17… Do You Practice Self Sabotage….

Do you practice self sabotage?  

Are you unconsciously setting yourself up for failure?  

What am I talking about?

I think many times we unknowingly set ourselves up for failure.  We sabotage ourselves and our fitness.  

The way we do it is by not planning ahead of time, and not setting yourself up for success. If you do not take some time during the week and prepare healthy snacks for you to eat in a pinch like nuts, boiled eggs, chicken breasts, tuna salad, whatever….

then when you’re running late out the door and cereal is in the cupboard it’s going to be real easy to grab some to go.  

Do this 3-4 days a week and Wham you set yourself up for failure.

If you don’t keep workout clothes in your car, then the one morning when you forget to grab your bag on the way to work, you’ll reason with yourself that it’ll be too much trouble to go home first and grab your bag before coming back to the gym.  

Do this 2 x a week and WHAM you’ve sabotaged your results.

In order for you to succeed, you should sit down for 10 minutes and map out what steps need to happen for you to eat right, and hit your training days.  

This simple step will exponentially increase your chances of accomplishing what you need to be successful.

Humans are expert reasoners and we are all lazy at least to some extent, the moment you give yourself an out, many times you’ll take it!

Don’t be your own worst enemy.  

What do you do to set yourself up for success?







Wall Balls x 25

Pull Ups x 25

3 rounds for time