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6-23-20…Being Present….

I saw a Facebook ad the other day for a website called wonderdads.  The message of the ad was to make the most of your kid’s childhood.

For some reason I started reading the comments, and there were SO many dad’s on there saying, they’d love to spend more time with their kids, but they have to work and earn a living, and make 6 figures to support their family etc.

I made a comment on that comment and said, ‘It’s not about the quantity of time, it’s about the quality of time.’

You see, real relationships are developed and grown through INTENTIONAL time, and presence.

We spend so much time focusing on other things, claiming that we are busy, and don’t have time.  The reality is, that we are making other things priorities.  Have you ever been hanging out with your family or friends, and started scrolling on your phone?

Sure you have, we all have.  What we are really communicating in that moment is that other things are a priority over the person right in front of you.  Part of it is an addiction.  We are all addicted to our devices, and have developed ADD on staying in one place but this needs to be something that we really focus on.

I heard a great idea mentioned in an interview with Jesse Istler.  This guy is married to the most successful female billionaire in the world.  He’s the CEO of several different companies.  I’m pretty certain he’s extremely busy.  That being said, he spoke about how important his family relationships are.  He mentioned that his focus is to ALWAYS be where his feet are.  

Think about that for a moment.  Be where your feet are.  If you’re in the room with your family, it’s not fair to them for you to be focused on work, or your phone, or something else. 

Focus on the person that’s in front of you with whatever you do. That is being intentional.  Being intentional is what makes the difference in quality time.  It’s the intentional time spent that grows the relationships, and it’s what your family and friends will appreciate.

We are all busy, but putting time into your calendar for a date night, or doing an activity with your kids can change your life.

What can you do this week to be intentional with your relationships?