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6-25-20….Interested or Committed…

This goes for whatever endeavor you are involved in….

Are you interested in achieving that outcome or are you committed to achieving it?

What’s the difference?

Well it’s very simple really….

If you’re interested in achieving the goal, you will begin to make progress towards it, then when something comes up that makes it more difficult, you’ll let the excuses overcome the actions needed to be taken in order to achieve the goals.  For example, with fitness I hear this all the time…

I don’t have time.  I have to do x, y, z.  I can’t get up that early.  I can’t make it work in my schedule.  I can’t afford it.  The list goes on and on.

If you’re committed to achieving the goals, you will establish where you want to go and then make it happen to get there.

With fitness for example, if you only have time to workout at 5:30am then you get up and go to workout at 5:30am.  If you have a lot going on in your personal life, you book exercise into that and make it a priority.  If you can’t afford it currently, you find somewhere else to make budget cuts in order to make the fitness priority (fyi: Tuna is healthy and very cheap) 

All joking aside though, you have to ask yourself, are you interested in achieving the goal, or are you committed to achieving it?

If you’re committed, what actions do you need to take to remove the excuses and set yourself to actually achieve your goals?

Let me know if I can help.