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6-29-20… Smooth Seas

Smooth seas never made skillful sailors.

I read this on Rohan’s blog  It’s a great blog to check out.

Either way, we are in the middle of the craziest year any of us born post WWII have ever seen.  It has been a time of great loss for some, fear for most, and economic chaos for many. 


Nothing good comes without struggle.  50 years from now you’ll look back on 2020 and have stories to tell your children and grandchildren.  What will that narrative sound like?  Will it be a time of trouble that you overcame and became stronger?  A time, where you created something new, changed your life for the better, started a business, learned a different skill, etc.

Or a time where you sat at home and did nothing to grow? 

Will it be a story that you’re proud of, or one where all you can tell the grandkids is there was show about a crazy person who owned tigers?

There was time for fear, and reflection, and reset for sure.  But now it’s time to take some kind of action.  Let’s get better today.  Let’s make the story something we are proud of!