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6-5-17… Realistic Expectations…

I think one of the major issues we see with frustrations in the gym is unrealistic expectations.  Many times we look at these before and afters and have an untrained eye to know exactly what we are looking at.  We see the belly gone down some and it’s posted as a 12 week transformation and what we don’t see could be two fold:

1) This person did some significant water manipulation and many times just some losing of the water bloat can show what seems like dramatic results in a short amount of time, and it is, they are just dehydrated.  As soon as they rehydrate they’ll puff back up.


2) You have no idea how much work they put in.  They may have very well made a huge transformation in 12 weeks, but that comes with a caveat….

They worked out for 1.5-2+ hours a day 5-6 days a week, and they busted their tail while they were working out. Their nutrition was impeccable for those 12 weeks, and getting to be in that shape was a huge focus in their life.  Those results are possible.  This is what we see in the A12 program.  It’s 5 days a week of training with very specific manipulation of variables, and very specific nutrition to match those phases of training.  The sessions last 75 – 90 minutes every training session and have homework to do too.  This program is designed to be the most effective 12 week body transformation program in the world and it lives up to it’s name.

That being said, we have to adjust our expectations of results and healthy results.  Our CrossFit program will get you tremendous results.  It’s designed to be efficient and effective and it’s geared towards overall long term health and well being.  If you come 2 x a week, you’ll get some results.  If you come 3 x a week you’ll progress faster.  If you come 4 x a week you’ll progress even faster.  The amount of training response isn’t linear, it’s actually exponential.  The more you train up to a point (3-4 times a week for advanced athletes, non advanced athletes could probably go 5 x a week for a while), the greater the response.  Each training session adds onto the next, so the results compound.  **caveat- your nutrition must support your training to maximize results.

Now, we can’t train 2-3 x a week and eat crappy multiple times a week, and expect to be shredded in 12 weeks.  You should still progress in that amount of time, but every choice you make will move you closer or away from your goals.  Usually at the training volume, and nutrition of 3 x a week, the progress is steady, healthy, creates less joint issues, and creates the body that you want.  It just takes time and consistency.  Let’s make sure we have realistic expectations, and if you’re unclear on what those should be, let’s talk with your coach to make sure you’re progressing appropriately and not getting frustrated due to unattainable expectations.  




Clean and Jerk


Deadlift x 10

Power Cleans x 10

Push Press x 10

TTB x 10

5 rounds for time