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6-6-17… Hitting The Time Cap….

The workouts that we write are designed to create a specific stimulus from the training.  They are also programmed for the best athletes in the gym, and then scaled based off of your abilities for you to achieve an appropriate response.  If they workout is scaled it doesn’t make you less of a person or mean something is wrong with you, it just means your fitness level is different from the best athletes in the gym.  Many times the hardest thing to do is control our ego.  If you scale the workout appropriately you’ll get a better response faster and progress much faster.

That being said sometimes the scale of the workout is a time cap.  It’s ok if you time out of a workout.  When we put a time cap it was discussed and decided that we didn’t want you working on those movements for say longer than 15 minutes.  Or we wanted you to scale the weight or movements appropriately enough so that you can finish the workout within that time cap.  This means the intensity is higher and the response from the stimulus will be appropriate.  

Something to consider and what made me think to write this blog is this:

At the CrossFit Games Central Regional competition that I attended and watched a week ago, there was a workout where 40 girls competed in the workout, and only 6 girls finished it.  These are the best athletes in the world and ONLY 6 girls finished the workout.  The rest of the girls timed out.  So even the best in the world hit a time cap.

To get the best response out of your workouts, discuss with your coach an appropriate scale and your physical response will be better.




Front Squat, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Deadhang Pull Ups x 5

Hang Squat Snatch x 5

DU x 20 / Singles x 100

AMRAP 12 min