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7-13-17… Sharing Is Caring….

One of our goals at CFB is for our place to provide community for you. We want CFB to be your third place, the place outside of work and home where you love to go.

One of the things you can do help build that community and family feel is to bring your friends and family here.  This week is your perfect opportunity….

Today, Friday, and Saturday is our Bring a Friend Event.  Bring your friends, loved ones, neighbors, enemies anyone and everyone you know.  Let’s show them how much you love your gym, and how much your gym loves you.  

One of the biggest compliments you could give us, is to bring your friends.  If you love what we do, invite them to come with you.  Let’s share the love and pack the house!

Hope to see you there!





OHP, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


DB Thrusters x 10

200m Run            

AMRAP 15 minutes