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7-13-20…Ready or Not…

I’m currently writing this on July 8th, so this may very well be the case before the end of this week, but if not, Friday is the day of our scheduled induction.  It’s time for Krystal and I to have our baby.  It’s crazy to think about.  Starting over.  My kids are 9, and 10.  Her’s are 22, and 17.  Now we are going to have this little baby to parent and raise.  I’m not sure if I’m ready to do that, but I have to be, ready or not, because it’s coming. 

You see, some things in life, you’ll never be ready for.  You can wait and wait and wait, but you’ll never be ready to have a child.  There is so many unknowns, so many variables, so many things that could go wrong…

BUT… there are also so many things that can go right.  You get this little child to hold and love and care for, and I can not think of another feeling that matches when your children hug and snuggle you and tell you that they love you.

So instead of worrying about being ready you have to just go with the flow.  Jump in with both feet or head first in the case of a baby (haha).  Because it’s coming ready or not.

Fitness in many cases is the same.  Starting a fitness journey is hard. There are so many variables, so many unknowns.  It becomes overwhelming. 

BUT the results are so worth it.  Starting is the hardest part.  Once you start, just be consistent.

IF you’re waiting around to be ready before you start something you will never start, because your perception is you’ll never be ready.  The key is to start.  Just like being a parent you go with the flow and learn as you.  (that just rhymed, I’m a poet and didn’t know it. lol)

So if you have something you’re waiting to be ready for, stop waiting, you’re ready.  Just start and the rest will take care of itself.