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7-21-20… Hug Your Loved Ones…

Being at home with family and the new baby the last week has made me really appreciate my loved ones.

During delivery we had an incident with Krystal right after the baby was born, where she could’ve had to be rushed to the operating room and the condition could’ve been life threatening.  Luckily the doctor acted fast and was able to remedy the situation and she came out fine.

Then this week Krystal’s blood pressure spiked really high and she had postpartum preeclampsia. This can also be potentially life threatening so we spent the weekend in the hospital.

So while we have a brand new baby with us, we had two close calls with mom.  The human body is so resilient and so fragile all at the same time.  You never know when it’ll be your time, so I want to encourage you to hug your loved ones, tell them you love them often.  You never know what could happen.