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7-25-17…. Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

I apologize for not blogging yesterday, I’m on vacation and didn’t get to post in time for yesterday’s blog, but here’s a blog for you to chew on today:

There are two different types of mindsets in the world; Growth and Fixed.

The difference in these mindsets will either set you up for serious success or set you up for mediocrity.

The growth mindset believes that you are always able to grow.

For example, if I’m not great at running, I can practice and get great at running.  If I’m not good at playing the piano, I can practice and get better at playing the piano.  Financially, if I don’t have enough money right now, I can work harder and make more money.  All of these views are due to a growth mindset. The idea is, if you are struggling at something, not good at something, or just aren’t a great performer in that area then you can practice, work hard at it and eventually make personal growth in that area.

The growth mindset believes that personal growth is possible.  This is the mindset of all the ultra successful people in the world.  For example…. Sir Richard Branson, was dyslexic, couldn’t read and was labeled an idiot that would never amount to anything by his teachers.  Instead of succumbing to a whoa is me, I’m an idiot and will never amount to anything attitude he worked hard, and created a billion dollar company called Virgin. The fixed mindset it the opposite of the growth mindset.  

The fixed mindset is the idea that personal growth is not possible.  You are either born with it or you’re not.  It’s the belief that all the successful people in the world were born with something that made them ultra successful and that something is something that you don’t have. This is a severely limiting mindset, and basically sets you up for mediocrity at best.  It’s easy to fall into this mindset because it passes the buck off to an external factor.  ‘I’m not successful because I was born in a poor family.’  ‘I’m not successful because I had a horrible childhood.’  ‘I’m not a great runner, because I’m just not a runner.’ You see how limiting that is?  

Everything in life is trainable.  

If you want to be successful, work on being successful.  If you want to be a runner, go run.  Limiting yourself to the fixed mindset is easy.  It points the direction of the fault outward, and not on you.  

It’s easy to say, ‘Oh that’s just not me, that’s for someone else.’  

It’s much harder to say, ‘It’s my own fault I’m not that way, what am I going to do to fix it?’

Which mindset are you? 




High Hang (HH) Clean and Jerk


Back Squat x 30

1 mile run

for time