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7-28-17… Change Is Simple…

It’s very simple to change.  

All it takes is a decision to change.  

That being said it’s not easy to change.  Nobody said it was easy, I only said it was simple.  It’s simple to make a choice. Just like it’s simple to make a choice not to change.  The difficulty lies in the execution, but typically the execution is easier then the perceived pain of the execution.  We choose inaction or lack of change because we percieve that the change will be so much more difficult then the current situation, when in actuality after the change has happened we think, ‘that wasn’t so bad after all.’ 

If you’re looking to make a change in something.  Decide to do it.  Then do it.  It’ll be worth it.





Snatch Balance


OHS x 12

800m run

3 rounds for time