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7-5-17…. Mediocrity

‘They say misery loves company, but so does mediocrity.  Don’t let the limiting beliefs of others limit what’s possible for you.’ – Hal Elrod

This quote really hit home for me. If you listen to the nay sayers they’ll talk you into being mediocre.

How many people have told you, ‘You’ll get hurt working out,’ or ‘You can’t do that,’ or ‘You’re crazy,’ or ‘Why would you not eat that?’

I hear those things all the time.

They usually come from someone who is extremely out of shape and spends a lot of time complaining about how their joints hurt, how they have this doctor’s appointment for this ailment, and this doctors appointment for that ailment. They are on blood pressure pills, cholesterol, diuretics, antacids, you name it.

For me, I choose the former over the latter situation.

I choose to be healthy.

I choose to exercise and work on my nutrition.

I choose to hang out with people who support what I’m doing because I’ve changed who I am for the better.

It’s possible that I may have a joint flare up, or get achy. I’ll be ok. I’ll live, and if I have my way, I’ll live to play with my great grand kids. So my question to you is what limiting beliefs of others do you need to shake off today?

If you need a new set of friends, we’re here to support you. 🙂