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8-10-17… Hop Back In…

This last quarter my life has been kind of insane.  They say that the three biggest stressful events that can happen in your life are divorce, moving, and a death in the family.

The death is the only one I didn’t experience in the last couple of months.  Coupled with a ton of travel I’ve done in the past several weeks and it just spells insanity.

So I get it.  Life can get crazy.  Your training schedule can get screwy.  The things you’re responsible for can get dropped sometimes.  I haven’t been on my game with my blogs, nutrition, or my training.  

Now it’s back to routine for everyone.  School is in session.  Kids are out of the house.  Vacations are over.  It’s time for myself and everyone included to hop back into a schedule and routine.  Let’s dial it in and get rolling!

See you in class!




Front Squat, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work





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