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8-16-17… Be Like An Ant…


Have you ever seen a line of ants going after a piece of food?

They seek out a goal and once that goal is established it’s a relentless pursuit to accomplish it.

I mean seriously.  Just think about it for a minute…..

The food could be on a table.  The ant doesn’t care it walks right up the side of the table to overcome that obstacle and achieve it’s goal.

The food could be inside your house.  The ant doesn’t care. Have you ever found ants in your house? Somehow not only did they discover the food, but they somehow managed to penetrate your doors which for them is an insane accomplishment.  Then they get the food and try to take it back to their home.  Not that I have ants in my house all the time, but I have seen it happen.  Am I right?

The food could be insanely heavy relative to the ants body weight.  The ant doesn’t care.  It picks up things triple it’s size and carries it on it’s way to accomplish it’s goal.

You get the picture.  No matter what obstacles get in the way of the ant, they fight to over come it.  Once they have their sites set on something, they relentlessly go after it and many times accomplish their goals.  

I want you to think about this story next time you’re dealing with some kind of obstacle.  Are you going to let the obstacle derail your plans and your goals?  Or are you going to be like an ant and relentlessly pursue your objective?

Let’s be like an ant, and who knows what you’ll accomplish!




Deadlift, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Clean x 5

Ring Dips x 10

500m Row

3 rounds for time