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8-18-17… Our Goal As Coaches….

As we always have beginners and new people joining our program I feel like this is a topic I should address.

Our job as coaches at CFB is really 3 fold…

1) To make sure you’re moving safely, effectively, and efficiently, in that order.

This is to mitigate the possibility of injury and promote the effect that we want from the workout.  Many times people have issue here, but typically the issues lie with two things.

Number 1 is fear.  We as humans are so afraid of looking stupid, or so worried about not knowing anything that we don’t seek out help.  Call it fear, call it pride, it all boils down to ego. We as coaches are here to answer questions. It’s a major part of our job.  We also don’t know what you don’t know.  We have 300 clients, and don’t always know what you’ve been taught and what you haven’t, so it’s critically important for you as a member to take the time and look at the movements, and communicate with the coach on what you’re uncomfortable or unfamiliar with.  There is plenty of time for this, and we are never offended that you asked questions about a movement. I would rather teach you the movement every class and ensure that you’re safe over you thinking you know it, we get to a class with the clock going and you have no clue what you’re doing.  That is a recipe for an injury and something that could’ve been avoided just by communicating with your coach.

Which leads me to number 2 which is ego.  Our ego gets us in trouble.  It’s critically important that if a coach tells you something you follow that advice.  For example, on a movement that you haven’t done in awhile, if the coach scales the weight or the movement to something for you, don’t add reps on yourself because you think you can do it.  The coach has made a judgement based off of what they are seeing and what they think you should be doing.  Please listen to the coach.  It doesn’t make you less of a person if you are doing less reps, or a different weight than other people in the class.  Our goal is to train long term, so it’s important to remain egoless and coachable in what we are doing here.  

2) To Help you do the things you wouldn’t do on your own.

This involves a couple of different areas.  First, in a workout we are going to push you some.  It’s necessary.  No one works as hard on their own as they do with a coach pushing them.  Now we don’t yell at you, or get on to you, but we will encourage you to keep moving.  We will push you to be better.  We will up your weights if you’re moving safely and we know you can handle it.  You see, as coaches we can see the potential in you, even when you don’t.  We see you abilities even when you think you can’t.  That’s why we get the results we get.  It’s what you pay us to do.

Secondly, helping you do the things you wouldn’t do involves accountability.  If you’re not holding up your end of the bargain, we are going to discuss that with you.  You’re not in trouble.  We aren’t getting onto you.  We are holding you accountable to the agreements you asked us to hold you accountable for.

This tends to be a struggle for some to hear.  People in general, don’t like to be pushed, and they don’t want to be held accountable, but it is necessary in order to achieve results.

3) It’s our goal for you to feel better when you leave then when you came in.

We strive to create an environment that’s encouraging, inviting, and empowering, and it’s very important to us for you to feel those things.  

We are your coaches and we’re here to help you, if you ever feel anything other than encouraged and empowered, please talk to us.  We love you, and we are never to busy to hear your heart.  





Dip Clean and Jerk


Deadlifts x 15

TTB / KTE x 15

4 rounds for time