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8-20-20…Joy Thief…

Comparison is the greatest thief of joy.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that any time that you are feeling unhappy it can be linked back to a comparison. Don’t believe me? Just try it…..

Think about the last time you were unhappy or had a feeling of sadness.  Was it because you were comparing yourself to someone or something else.  Example: You’re very unhappy about your financial situation.  Is it because you’re comparing yourself to someone else, or what someone else has?  Or are you comparing yourself to where you have been in the past?

What about your fitness?  If you’re unhappy about your fitness is it because you’re comparing yourself with where you used to be, or comparing yourself with someone else and their results?  I’m betting the answer to those questions, if you dig real deep, is yes.

Then some people will say, well i’m unhappy or sad because a loved one died.  Well just think about it, you are sad because you’re comparing your life now with the life you had with that loved one.

Now truly successful people can use this to their advantage.  Rather then letting the comparison steal their joy, they can use the uncomfortableness of the comparison to fuel their fire.

For example, if you’re unhappy with your fitness, whether it’s due to comparing yourself to someone else, or comparing yourself to your former self, you can use that to fuel change.

You see, in order for change to happen, you the pain of staying the same has to outweigh the perceived pain of the change.  So you can use this to your advantage.  Sometimes it’s ok to compare and when you do use that uncomfortable situation to leverage change in yourself.

Otherwise, if you’re feeling unhappy, look at what you’re comparing to and see if it’s something worth being unhappy about.  Usually the comparison isn’t worth while.

Or use it to fuel growth.  Your choice.