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8-22-17… Addiction…

Addiction has been around every since someone fermented grapes a million years ago.  We have a strong understanding of addiction when it comes to things like alcohol, heroine, meth you get the picture.  What we fail to recognize is there are other addictions that can be just as detrimental to your health, they just take longer to materialize.

Food addiction is one of these, and even more specifically then that, sugar addiction can literally be linked to millions of deaths each year.  It’s a silent killer.  Not many people talk about it, even fewer are doing things about it.  

In fact, most big money is actually taking advantage of it.  They feed your addiction, and market to it.  They use neural and cognitive science to convince you that you need it.  They have teams of scientists creating foods that can be as addictive as possible.  Did you know that?  There are scientists who make millions of dollars designing chips with the perfect amount of crunch and mush feeling in the mouth that make it more irresistible and more addictive.  They design foods that stimulate every part of the body in order to make you crave more of them.  

And in the end, obesity is one of the largest epidemics in the US.  

These are the top 10 leading causes of death in the US:

1) Heart disease

2) Cancer

3) Chronic lower respiratory diseases

4) Accidents

5) Strokes

6) Alzheimer’s disease

7) Diabetes

8) Influenza and pneumonia

9) Kidney disease

10) Suicide

It’s estimated that over 300,000 people each year die of an obesity related illness.  In the top 10 there can be an argument made that, heart disease, many cancers, some strokes, alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and many kidney diseases can all be effected by nutrition and eating healthy.

It’s time we make a stand.  It’s 100% controllable and critical for your health.

If you don’t know what to do, or need accountability to do it, my nutrition program is starting this Saturday.

In this program we basically took everything that could be a struggle or stumbling block for you and removed it for you to be successful.


Meal plans

Grocery lists


Extra coaching

Weekly educational series explaining the why behind the what

Monthly progress check ins

and 4 weeks or maintenece macros after the program is over

We’ve seen tremendous success in this program and if you want to take your progress to the next level this is the program for you.





Front Squat, while resting complete sets of auxiliary work


Thrusters x 50

– at the top of each minute do 3 burpees

for time