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8-26-20… Goal Vs. Dreams

Do you have goals or dreams?

I’m sure you’re wondering what the difference is, so let me elaborate.

Many people want to be a millionaire.  The tell themselves all the time, I want to be a millionaire.  They do affirmations, they listen to books etc. 

But, do they ever create a plan for making it happen?

Being a millionaire for them is a dream. It’s something that they wish for, but they aren’t setting goals and then creating a plan to achieve those goals.

In order, to achieve what you want to accomplish, you have to do more than dream.  You have to set goals, then you have to create plans to achieve those goals.

Many people say they want to see their abs, but they aren’t prioritizing themselves, their workout routines, and their nutrition in order to make it happen. 

What goals can you set in order for you to create a plan to achieve it?

This was a picture of our first gym.  Yes, it’s the entire gym pretty much captured in this one picture.  We haven’t achieved everything we have set out to do, but we are working a plan.