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8-3-17… The Principle of De-Training

Consistency is what it takes to stay in shape.  Anything that you keep working on, you’ll get better at.  That includes not training…

In fact, the principle of de-training is the fact that you lose exponentially faster what you’ve gained then the time it took to gain it.  With my body, all it takes is 2 weeks off, and eating crappy food, and I’m bloated, I’m swollen, puffy, and I get fat…. quick!! 

We’ve all had trips, vacations, time off etc.  Let’s get back in the gym and get things hopping.  Get life back on track, make your schedule, be consistent and hit those goals!




Snatch Balance, then Snatch Pull


Row for Calories x 1 min

Rest x 1 min

5 rounds