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9-14-21…Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Are you getting enough sleep?  We’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating.

If you have health issues, you need more sleep.

If you have body fat issues you need more sleep.

Sleep is critical to thriving in life. 7 hours is the minimum so plan ahead and do your best to make it happen.

Here are some tips to help

1) Go to bed by 10:30.  (insert excuse of why you can’t here)

Usually this calls for some planning ahead.  If you have a doctors appointment at 10AM you will make that appointment.  You will plan around making that appointment.  Treat it like an appointment.  You have a critical health appointment at 10:30PM.  Plan accordingly.

2) Take some supplements.

There are a couple of different things that will improve your quality of sleep.  Magnesium will help you recover and help you sleep better. In addition, something I just learned recently, Vitamin D taken in the morning will help give you energy through the day and help you sleep better at night…. pretty cool I think!

3) Eating about 90 mins before bed.

Eating closer to bedtime is sometimes unavoidable, but if it is do it.  Eating that close to bed time will raise your body temperature and make you warmer which makes it harder to have good quality sleep.

4)  Sleep cool

Cool your house down at night.  If you are hot you will not have as good of quality of sleep.

5)  Stream it later

That episode of Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy can wait until you do not have to be asleep to watch it.  Your life won’t end.  Trust me, it’ll be ok…… it’s a TV show.

6) Avoid Blue Light

Backlit screens like, iPhone, iPads, computers etc., cause things to happen in your brain and can be problematic if you are looking at them 90 mins or less before going to sleep.  Even if you fall asleep it can cause you to not have good sleep patterns while asleep.  If you have to use your computer, I use an app called F.Lux. This changes the color of your screen based off of time of day and is supposed to help with blue light issues. check it out here! 

Happy Sleeping