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9-18-17…. Tracking…

Do you track what you do?

Do you write down your nutrition? Do you write down your maxes? Do you track your workouts? Do you measure yourself?

Numbers that are tracked are the ones that get managed, and the performance numbers that we manage will translate into results for you.

It’s critical you write your stuff down so we can show your progress.  The more you track, the more successful you’ll be.  It’s critical.  So hit your PR’s this week and write them down!



Max Testing:



Power Snatch x 15

Box Jumps x 21        

TTB / KTE x 21            

Power Snatch x 12

Box Jumps x 15        

TTB / KTE x 15

Power Snatch x 9

Box Jumps x 9        

TTB / KTE x 9