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9-20-17…. Action is Key….

“Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If it is a mistake, at least you learn something, in which case it’s no longer a mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing.”

― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

One of the things that gets me most with our clients, is we make recommendations on nutrition or training principles etc, and the person comes up with all kinds of excuses why they can’t do what we are suggesting.  I can’t follow the nutrition for this weekend because it’s my birthday.  I can’t workout this week because I have some event that morning.  It honestly makes no sense to me.  If you’re unhappy with where you’re at do something different.  1 > 0 right?

If I were you and I really wanted results, I’d follow the plan.  Do what we ask you to do.  The worst that can happen is you don’t eat bread for a month or so.  The best that can happen, you reach your goals.  What do you have to lose?

As my grandpa used to say, ‘Do something, even if it’s wrong, you’re still doing something.’




Max Testing:

Back Squat


Thrusters x 21

Chest to Bar Pull Ups x 9

400m Run

Thrusters x 15

Chest to Bar Pull Ups x 15

400m Run

Thrusters x 9

Chest to Bar Pull Ups x 21

400m Run