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9-6-17…. How Quickly We Loose It…

This past week I was out of town.  I packed 5 sets of workout clothes so that I could work out while traveling.  Guess how many workouts I did?

None, 0, zip, nada…. unless you count walking around Disney one day (hey I did walk 13 miles that day), but still yeah I didn’t do a real workout.

I didn’t run.  I was busy with work, and my schedule and working out went to the back burner.  I’m human.  Just like you.  I have flaws.  I make mistakes.  I sometimes let life get in the way and I don’t workout.  

Here’s the key though…. I come back.  Monday I jumped right back in and did Morrison the hero workout.  Man did it suck.  I mean I was hurting.  It was rough.  I felt like doo doo and felt really out of shape.  I knew it would be that way going in.  I wasn’t looking forward to that feeling, but I knew it’s a necessary evil to get back up to speed.

If you stay out for a week it can be tough to come back.  It’s going to not feel great.  You’ll struggle.  But…. you HAVE to come back.  Don’t let one week derail your entire fitness.  Just because you missed a week or two or 6 doesn’t mean you can’t return.  The principle of detraining is quick.  The longer you’re out the more out of shape you’ll be, but guess what…. the body remembers and the sooner you get back in the sooner you’ll be back up to speed.

Summer is over, vacation season is done, the kids are in school.  Let’s get in there and get after it, that way you can get ahead of the next big wave of time off namely the holidays!

You’ve got this, we’ve got you.  See ya at the gym!






Tall Cleans

Clean Pulls


Dumbbell Push Press x 5

200m Run

10 rounds for time