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9 Dot Problem

Here is a problem for you to solve:

Take these 9 dots and a pencil and without lifting the pencil, connect the 9 dots in 4 straight lines.  Can you do it?


Go ahead and try your luck.  I’ll wait…….

If you want to know one of the answers… click here! 

Did you know it can actually be done with 3 lines?  Check it out!

The point is, we try to stick in this self imposed box.  We do this with training as well.  We have to get our cardio in.  We have to do our upper and lower body days.  We have to stick with our way of training.  Here’s another one for you, ‘I can’t do that.  I’m too old, broken, (insert excuse here).’  Do you put yourself in these self imposed boxes?  My question is…. how’s that working out for you?  If it’s working out great, then why are you reading this?  If it’s not, then maybe it’s time to step out of your box.  Do you need to make a full paradigm shift?  Do you need to buy into our program fully?  It’s hard at first to change your mind.  If you commit fully, what’s the worst that can happen?  Follow the nutrition, be consistent with the training, and you will get results.  Draw your lines outside the self imposed limits, who knows where you can go!


5-21-13 WOD


Will be discussed in class

Met Con:

Box Jumps (high) x 5 

Burpees x 7 

Toes to bar x 9 

AMRAP 12 minutes