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A little late to the party…

By the time you read this, it will have been several weeks since the incident.  I post the blogs a couple of weeks in advance, so the ones for the last couple of weeks were already written.

Sometimes we forget how fragile life really is.  It’s easy to look at something from afar and become detached from it and think, ‘Oh that can’t happen to me.’

I don’t know Kevin Ogar, and it’s likely that many of you don’t even know what happened, but if he’s anything like most of you in CrossFit, we do know Kevin.  He’s probably very driven, passionate, friendly, and has a fire burning in is belly to succeed.  Unfortunately, while competing at the OC Throwdown he suffered an injury that severed his spinal cord.  He has lost feeling in his bottom half, and it’s not looking like he will recover from the paralysis.  

That’s bad news?really bad news.  To top it off, he has no health insurance.  Now I’m not writing this to get into a debate about Obama care, or the merits of having health insurance, or who’s libel or at fault.  I’m writing this to state the facts?.

One of our own has been put in an extremely unfortunate situation, and YOU can help.  Here is his website .  He has raised $288,000 so far.  This is a drop in the bucket for the medical expenses he will incur.  Every little bit helps, so please if you have even $5 donate it to help our brethren out.  Prayers and hope are with you Kevin.



To be discussed in class:

Met Con:

 Handstand Walk 10 meters or 5 Wall Walks 

 Forward rolls x 5

 Bear Crawl 10 meters

 AMRAP 10 minutes