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A Shout Out to Our Sponsors

I’d like to take a second to give a shout out to our sponsors for the whole life challenge.  We were super excited to get them on board for our pursuit of health and we are happily awarding some of their product at the conclusion of the challenge.

First I’d like to thank Cole Pain Therapy Group. They were a major sponsor in our Whole Life Challenge Event!  Dr. Brad Cole is a personal friend of mine.  He has helped heal many many of our clients and provides stellar service. His knowledge is boundless, and he is one of our go to people to send you to if you have some sort of chronic pain.  Talk to me about a referral and your first office visit will be free.  He is a great resource in the Bartlett area and we are happy to have such an awesome relationship with him!


2845 Summer Oaks Dr  Memphis, TN 38134

(901) 377-2340

Our second major sponsor we’d like to thank is Ortho Memphis!

For those of you who don’t know, my back ground is in sports medicine as a Certified Athletic Trainer. I used to work for this company and they treated me really well!  We have a great relationship with several of their Orthopedic Surgeons, and many of our clients have seen these doctors which resulted in successful treatments for their injuries. If you have any Orthopedic issue, I can get you in to see one of these the doctors and can direct you to the doctor that will give you the best care.  We have a great relationship here and I am excited to be able to provide this kind of service to you if you have any issues.  These guys are top notch and I have personally seen them for several of my issues throughout the years here.  Their physical therapy department is also top notch and I have nothing but great things to say about the people that work there.  As you can see, I am big fan, and supporter of this medical practice and I would not get behind something I wouldn’t personally use or believe in.


6286 Briarcrest Ave #2  Memphis, TN 38120

(901) 259-1600

A third major sponsor that we have on board for our Whole Life Challenge is Barlean’s Fish Oil.

We love this product!  It has a great taste and delivers a great high quality dose of fish oil.  If you have problems taking fish oil, this is the best way to go.  It tastes like dessert!  (I’m not kidding, it’s delicious!)  The liquid is also better absorbed then the pill format which is why we are proponents of it.  This is truly a great product!  Their greens product is also top notch.  It’s like nutritional insurance.  You take one scoop of it in a shot of water and you get all the fantastic nutrients from all the fruits and veggies without having to eat the fruits and veggies.  You take it just in case you missed something and it keeps you healthy and progressing towards your goals.  We carry this product in our store and I use it every day!  It’s a fantastic addition to your diet to make sure you are getting nutrient rich substance in your body!  Barlean’s donated over $1000 dollars in product to us and we are extremely excited to be able to hand out the product as prizes in our WLC finale!

barleans logo

The last sponsor that we want to mention is Extreme Endurance!

Extreme Endurance is a product that has been designed to buffer your lactic acid levels,  increase your aerobic threshold, and assist in the recovery process.  This is a product that was designed to be taken year round. A common misconception that I run into is that EE is meant only for people looking to compete. This couldn’t me more false! Extreme Endurance stems from a product that is prescribed to the elderly population in Europe. Due to its ability to keep the body in a more alkaline state, as well as aid with the aches and pains that become more prevalent in that population, this product was very effective in aiding day to day activities and overall well-being for this demographic.  Due to its effectiveness, it was then that Extreme Endurance was introduced to a performance based platform.  With your daily supply of minerals and electrolytes, a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, and the strong buffering agent, this is a product that EVERYONE can benefit from.  We are excited to be able to offer this new product to our WLC participants and are eager to hear the feedback about the benefits!  I have personally used this product in the past and felt better in my performance and health in general while taking it.


Again a HUGE THANK YOU! To all of our sponsors.  This promises to be an amazing challenge!

3-8-13 WOD


Rope climb

Met Con:

Level 3 

Rope Climb x 1 

EMOM for 10 minutes 

Level 2 / Level 1/ Beginner 

Chin ups x 10 unbroken 

Hand Release Push ups x 5 unbroken 

EMOM for 10 minutes