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Afraid to Start?

Are you afraid to start something big?  Everyone has a lizard brain, and that lizard brain is always thinking of the worst possible case scenario.  ‘I can’t start a fitness program because I may get hurt, or it’s going to be hard, etc.’  Really what is the worst case scenario?  We focus so much on that topic that sometimes we become paralyzed into inaction.  For many people a good exercise would be to acknowledge the lizard brain.  Think out loud what is the worst that can happen?  Then think out loud what is the best that could happen?  What will actually happen will usually be somewhere in the middle of those two right?  Then you can decide on an action to do something!  Spending life listening to the lizard brain and being scared of the worst possible scenario is no way to live!

Do you listen to your lizard brain often?  

13.2 XFit -March 16, 2013--161

5-7-13 WOD


Beginner/ Level 1 

Snatch Instruction

High Hang Snatch

3 x 1

Level 2/ 3


(75% x 1

80% x 1

85% x 1) 

x 3

Met Con:

Walking Lunges x 10

KB Swings x 5 (Heavy)

Box Jumps x 5

AMRAP 12 minutes