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All aboard…..

or back aboard anyway.  Have you ever fallen off the train?  I know I have.  Sometimes it’s easy to get derailed.  (insert leftover dessert from Easter every day this week!)  This happens regularly in fitness.  You fall off the wagon with your nutrition.  You fall off the wagon with your training (I’ve done this in the past as well).  It’s amazing how we justify it with ourselves!  We say things like, ‘This week was just crazy, I’ll start again next week.’  Guess what guys…. next week will be just as crazy.  If you search for a reason, you will find one.  The opposite is also true, if you search for a reason to go you can find one as well.  Flip the switch.  Start making excuses of why you can’t miss your workout.  Start making excuses of why you can’t slip on your nutrition.  If you are part of the challenge, you’ve got 1 week left!  Let’s see how you finish up.  If you are part of our boot camp or regular training program, dig in deep this week!  Find a reason to go.  Make an appointment on your schedule that you can’t reschedule.  Pretend like it’s a doctor’s appointment that will take you 6 months to reschedule.  You have to go!  Then tell someone what you are doing.  Have them hold you accountable.  Jump back on the nutrition band wagon, and let’s get some results.  Bikini season is just around the corner, and I know I want to look good in mine!

See you in the gym TODAY!

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4-5-13 WOD



C & J Instruction 

Level 1

C & J
3 Position 

3 x 1 

Level 2/ Level 3

Clean & Jerk
80%x1) x 3 

Snatch Pulls
100% +20lb x 3

Met Con:

CrossFit Open WOD 12.5

Level 3/ 2

Thrusters x 15

Chest to bar Pull ups x 15

4 minute AMRAP 

If you complete 90 reps within that 4 minute time frame, then you get an extra 4 mins to AMRAP that pattern continues until you can no longer complete 90 reps within that 4 minute time frame.

Level 1/ Beginner

Thruster x 15

Pull ups x 15

AMRAP 8 minutes