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Ancillary Benefits

Our goal at CFB is always to provide remarkable customer service.  We do a great job of what we like to call, ‘on the floor coaching.’  We provide awesome programming that gets people results.  We also provide well educated coaches, who are constantly striving to be better.  My discussions with our coaches every week are to the tune of where do we need to send you, or who do you need to learn from in addition to CFB, so that you can be some of the best coaches in the world?  

My question to you is this….. do you take advantage of the ancillary benefits of being a part of CFB?  What am I talking about?  The services that we provide, ‘off the floor.’  

We provide a one stop shop for products that we believe in and use every day.  Everything that we carry is extremely high quality and well researched.  We strive to provide some of the best products available that we would personally use whether they were in our store or not.

We provide nutritional guidance for every member at the gym.  You can meet with your primary coach and they can help guide you in the right direction on your nutrition.  They will also read your food journals if you want them to.  If you need some more advanced help many times we can help guide you in the right direction with that as well.

We provide quarterly goal setting sessions with everyone who wants to participate in this activity.  Sit down with your primary coach and set some specific goals and set a plan on getting there.  This is included in your package.

We provide seminars where we bring in subject matter experts to delve more deeply into a topic that you may be interested in.  Whether it’s running, rowing, kettlebells, olympic weightlifting, whatever.  We pay those people to come in and teach a seminar and provide a space and an appropriate price for the seminar.  Without our research, buying power, concentrated effort and making the space available, this type of advanced training would be out of reach for most members of the gym. Even our coaches are subject matter experts in some areas and can provide a seminar on that subject for you.  

We provide the venue for challenges.  These are a chance for you to put skin in the game, and have a chance to have some fun competition towards working on a goal.  This could be anything from a personal record challenge, to a nutritional challenge, to the whole life challenge.  Taking part in these events will increase buy in to what we are doing and provide a fun outlet for you to be more focused on your results.

We do special events.  These events can be anything from member appreciation, where we serve beer at an event, to paying for members to play paintball.  We can also use our numbers to do something like go bowling for a discounted rate.  These things are put into place in order to foster the community and family like atmosphere that we are going for.

Lastly, we provide skill sessions and personal training.  This is the most under utilized aspect of our program.  Skill sessions are included in most packages, and is a concentrated effort one on one with a coach working on a specific skill that you struggle with.  It could be as involved as working on your snatch to working on your kipping pull up.  Whatever you struggle with, you can schedule a free session with your primary coach to work on that skill.  If you want to delve more deeply into a subject you can also schedule personal training sessions.  Any of the coaches should be able to go over pricing that is available to you for these skills.  If you really want to work on your olympic lifts schedule a few personal training sessions.  I for example am an expert teacher of POSE running.  If you want to increase your running prowess, schedule some PT sessions with me and we can make that happen for you.  I’ve had people running barefoot on the concrete with no pain or struggle within 8 sessions.  These types of things are always available to you.

We are also the only gym in the Bartlett area of any type that provides child care during your workout.  At a severely discounted rate of $20 a month, this is an incredible benefit to our members with children.  

As you can see, we strive to provide an amazing opportunity for you to take care of all your fitness needs both on the floor and off the floor.  Please make sure you take advantage of every aspect of our program and you will be well on your way to the results that you desire!


4-1-13 WOD

10K run or variation of it.  Workout will be scaled appropriately based off of running ability! Not everyone will run a 10K.