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Are You a Diamond?

It takes millions of years of applying constant pressure on coal to create a diamond. ?Did you hear that? ?I didn’t say thousands, or hundreds of thousands, but millions of years of consistent pressure. ?Getting to your goals requires that same kind of consistent pressure. ?We don’t expect you to be perfect. ?We don’t expect you to be awesome from the start. ?We don’t even expect you to be crazy good a month after you start.

A piece of coal isn’t a diamond when it starts. ?We don’t expect you to be a diamond either. ?All you can do is be consistent. ?If you are consistently showing up, and applying the ‘pressure’ you can change yourself from coal to a diamond! ?Here’s the awesome part…. even if you stop applying ‘pressure’ for a bit, you can go right back to it and pick up right where you left off!

Do you apply consistent ‘pressure?’ ?Post comments below!