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Are You a Goat Slayer?

Do you know what a goat is?  I’m not really sure where the terminology came about, but we call things that you are bad at goats. We all have them.  Most people avoid them.  Do you avoid your goats, or do you embrace them?  The premise behind CrossFit is to constantly try and work on new things in order to increase your fitness.  We expose people to all kinds of different stimulus that they aren’t accustomed to.  Who ever did a Snatch before CrossFit?  Not many people!  Did you know that in most of your packages, we offer skill sessions?  Skill sessions are important for scheduling private coaching with your primary instructor to work on your goats.  If you struggle with Snatch schedule a skill session.  Use that service.  Practice your goats, until they are no longer goats.  Embrace your goat, hug it really close to you, then cut it’s throat!  Slay your goat, and move on to the next goat.  That’s how you will increase your fitness the fastest!  Are you a goat slayer?  Prove it!

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3-21-13 WOD


Make Up Lift

Met Con:

OHS x 3 (heavy) 

Hand Release Push Ups x 5 

Shuttle run across the gym and back 

 7 rounds for time