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Are You Taking Advantage?

Are You Taking Advantage?

We have a ton of ancillary benefits involved with your memberships here at CFB.  We are giving personalize nutritional recommendations for every member that is 3 x a week or higher.  We do baseline check ins to retest your baseline and see how you are progressing.  We offer quarterly goal setting sessions to talk about your goals.  We will also do weekly nutrition checks and recommendations if you journal your food intake.  Most importantly, we offer skill sessions.  This is a 1 on 1 time scheduled with you and a coach to work on a specific skill that you may struggle with.

All of these things are included in your membership, but most people do not take advantage of them.  Are you all in?  Are you working your tail off to get better?  How many skill sessions have you used.  How many food journals have you turned in?  I don’t have many of those things come across my desk, so it gets frustrating for me as a coach.  We make ourselves available to you, and offer all these services, but they do not get taken advantage of.  So again, my question to you is….. are you taking advantage?


8-7-13 WOD


To be discussed in class

Met Con:

Power Snatch x 15

500m Row

4 rounds for time