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Are You Willing to Fail?

There are many people at the gym who are afraid of failure. ?I recently coached someone who was afraid to fail on a back squat. ?He/she was worried about dumping the bar off of his/her back. ?This is not an uncommon fear among gym members. ?We also see it during olympic lifts. ?People are scared that they are going to fail so they limit what they try to lift, at least mentally.

Today I was speaking with someone about this fact, and a good quote came to my mind; ‘You will never reach your full potential if you are not willing to push yourself past where you may fail.’ ?In everything that we do at the gym it is critical you push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of. ?Many times you will surprise yourself with what you can actually do. ?If you do this consistently, great things will come to you, and results will come faster.

The question is, are you willing to fail? If so, then do it! ?Push yourself to failure. What’s the worst that could happen? ?You might just surprise yourself.

Sean getting some coaching from myself and and Sarah on his cleans. ?Click here for more pics on Flickr!