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Are Your Friends Killing You?

We had a new person join our program recently.  She was already timid about joining a new exercise program, and she took some encouragement on our part to convince her she could do it.  We got her signed up, got her excited about it, and in her excitement she called her ‘friend’ to tell her about it and ask her ‘friend’ to join her….

That friend, promptly went into a tirade on our client about how there is no way that our new client could do our program.  Her words were something along the lines of, ‘You can not do that program, and there’s no way I’m going to join you.’

Really? She doesn’t know us.  She doesn’t know our program.  She doesn’t know our coaches.  She doesn’t know anything about exercise…. but she knows that our client can’t do it?  If your friends are going to start exercising, wouldn’t you want your friend to work with a proven program that has guaranteed results?  What about expert coaches that have sifted through the BS in order to provide proper nutrition and supplemental recommendations in order to get your friend the best results possible?  Or coaches that provide an amazingly supportive environment that holds people accountable, introduces you to new friends for life, and teaches you all around how to develop healthy life habits?  

Nah, why would you want that for your friend?  Instead you’d rather put them down and convince them of their own self limitations.

Sit down and make a list of what qualities you look for in a friend.

Do your friends support what you do?  Are your friends encouraging to you and your new healthy endeavors?  Do the speak life into what you are doing to better yourself?  Or are they toxic to your well being?  Are your friends killing you?  It may be time to cut them out of your life.  I know it’s harsh, but shouldn’t you want someone that will support you?  Maybe you can just ignore them and start your health journey with out them.  At the very least do not let them suck the life out of your ambitions!

Has anyone had a friend that was toxic?  What did you do about the situation?

3-4-14 WOD

AM classes are closed.  Stay tuned to see if we have a noon or afternoon class



Met Con: 

1K row rest 3 minutes 

3 rounds try to PR first one and than match that effort on