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Assumed Constraints

I spoke yesterday about a story of assumed constraints.  What are assumed constraints.

Ken Blanchard in the book Leadership and The One Minute Manager speak very clearly about assumed constraints.

Assumed constraints are when you automatically assume you can’t do something.  You try to take in context clues, and past experiences and place constraints on the situation that are entirely imagined by you.  The more you practice this, the less successful you’ll be.  If you constantly listen to people who are saying ‘You can’t,’ they will be right.  It becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.  

It’s important in your personal growth to not place unrealistic constraints on yourself.  Most times you can do SO much more than you think.  Did you know Richard Branson is dyslexic?  How would the world be if we never had Stephen Hawking?  Let’s push yourself and see where you can go.

3-5-14 WOD


HH Snatch 

Met Con: 

KB Swings x 10 (heavy) 

Mountain Climbers x 10 each leg 

AMRAP 15 minutes