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Attitude Under the Bar

Here at Crossfit Bartlett we lift heavy weights, its part of what we do. We deadlift, squat, press, snatch, and clean a lot of weight. When you are going for a big lift, or PR, everything matters. One of the most important things is your mental state. There have been several occasions where I have talked with people and they talk about PR?s as if they were impossible accomplishments or far off dreams. This is not a good way to think about PR?s. If you don?t believe that you can get it, you probably can?t. If had asked me what my numbers were going to be the day before the Crossfit Total PR challenge I would have told you that my back squat was going to be 370, my deadlift was going to be 410, and my press was going to be 155. All of those numbers were PR?s for me. I did not talk about them as if they were far off goals I spoke about them as if I had already hit them. Sure enough when the time came to test my PR at the challenge I hit a 370 lb. back squat, a 410 lb. deadlift, and a 145 lb. press. Yes, I know I missed one of my lifts but I hit two huge PR?s for me, one right after another. I credit this to my training program as well as my mental state. I knew I was going to move that weight. When someone approaches the bar for a big lift in this gym their mind goes through all sorts of interesting thoughts. A second of doubt can cost you a lift. When you walk up to a bar, you should be confident in yourself and in your ability. If you have come into this gym and done the work and followed the program we set out, you have done the work necessary to make that lift or kill that row or run. Own that fact. Next time you approach the bar, picture yourself hitting that lift perfectly. Do not let doubt enter your mind. Have you ever faltered before a big lift? What goes through your mind before you attempt a PR?

-Chris aka T.I.

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