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Barbell Check Offs…

The barbell check offs are moving right along.  Many of you have already checked off some of your movements.  I want to urge you to check your ego here….

I know some of you can lift.  I also know that some of you that do lift could use some extra coaching on it.

We are checking everyone off to make sure they are money on the lifts.  We also want to spend some time giving you feedback on what you’re doing personally, and help make you better.

We want everyone in the gym to earn your stripes, so bear with us through the transition process.

Once we get done it’ll be worth it.

Also, I urge you to come to one of the Barbell Classes, M,W,F at 7PM.

Even if you’re an advanced athlete, you’ll still get benefit out of this class.  We are teaching specific warm ups and mobility for each particular movement.  We are going over the lift in great detail, AND we’re correcting every participants form specifically.  You will walk away with a much greater understanding of the lift, and you’ll be able to prep yourself better for the lifts.

This will allow you lift more weight faster.  Bonus!

You will also do a workout that day so don’t think you’re getting out of training 😉

From beginner to advanced, this class will be worth your while.

So check out the schedule and pick which ones you want to go to.

See you there!

9/8/2014 WOD


Clean Pull

Snatch DL

Met Con:

400m run

KB Swings x 21 (53/35)

Box Jumps x 12

3 rounds for time

Try to hit KB’s unbroken here.



9/8/14 Bells & Balls


DB Clean Pull

6 x 2 (adjust weight as needed)

Met Con:

200m run

KB Swings x 21 (adjust weight as needed)

Box Jumps x 12

3 rounds for time

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