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Be Prepared

Be prepared is the motto of the BoyScouts of America, and has served me quite well in my life so far. I’ve applied this principle to everything from camping to public speaking. Probably one of the most useful ways I interpret it now is in the field of nutrition. Probably one of the biggest hurdles that I , and I’m sure many many others, face on a daily basis when eating paleo is the time to prepare the food. Unfortunately all those nasty preservatives we avoid are also the same stuff that enables to carry things around at room temperature with no problem. However I don’t know how many of you have tried carrying around raw chicken at room temperature, but it gets gross quick.

Cooking healthy food takes time. However this time can be minimized and the time you actually must spend, can be maximized through the use of a few simple techniques.

1) Keep It Simple- I realize that some may have sophisticated palates, but as for myself I don’t notice whether a pinch of cilantro is missing or not, from a recipe. One of the best and easiest paleo recipes that I eat on a practically daily basis is to brown 1 lb. of ground beef, and then season it with taco seasoning. Easy, simple, all of two steps, and it only takes about fifteen minutes depending on your oven.

2) Cook lots- This is a favorite of several cavemen eaters, I’ve spoken with. Cook more than you will eat in one sitting. For dinner one night cook more than you know you will eat that night. That way the next morning, you can just grab the left-overs and take them for lunch the next day. Yes I know some may not be excited about eating the same meal twice in twenty four hours. As for myself, my tolerance for taste is directly inverse to the amount of time I spent preparing the meal.

3)Plan ahead- This is actually the foundation for the tip listed above, but it is important to mention anyway. If you know that you are not going to have access to anything but bagels and pizza at the office tomorrow, maybe you should go ahead and cook yourself a chicken breast tonight, or if you know you are going to be out late one night consider preparing everything but the final step for dinner, so you can just throw it in the oven when you get home.

I hope that at least one of these strategies, if not all of them, help you guys stick out the paleo diet. The results are truly worth it! How do you guys stay on the wagon?

-Chris aka TI

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