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Better Than Yesterday

Are you better today than you were yesterday? ?Many people like to stay in the middle. ?Let’s come into the gym, check it off the list for the day, do a ‘workout’ and go home. ?They are not really working hard to get better, they are just going through the motions. ?Do you ever feel like that is you? ?If it is, then what is the point? ?Paradigm shift coming….. Every time you walk into the gym use the axiom, ‘Did I make myself better than yesterday?’

Each day is not just another day. ?It’s an opportunity to run faster, jump higher, lift more weight, eat better, work harder at your job, the list goes on and on. ?When you strive to make yourself better than yesterday, it’s a very tough life! ?You become your own worst critic. ?Each day, you realize that yesterday’s accomplishments were merely stepping stones. ?Take this philosophy, and apply it to your pursuits, whether personal or professional.?? You?ll find that excellence boils down to this…you?ve got to reject where you are before you can get where you?re going.? You must be better than yesterday!

What will you do today to make yourself better than yesterday? Post Comments Below!

Nancy getting some squat work in! Click here to check out our Flickr Photostream!