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Building Online Community

We strive very hard to build community in our gym. ?We have outings and social events. ?We have a whiteboard for everyone to post their results. ?We call you when you miss a workout. ?We do workouts as a group. ?We do all these things to build community.

What I want to talk about today is our online community. ?Every day we post information on this site to help you. ?We also post different information on our Facebook fan page. ?It’s usually something to help you either in life or in the gym or both. ?Our goal is to be a wealth of information for you, and to try and help you as much as we possibly can. ?Our second goal with the website is to create an online community. ?We always ask questions at the end of our posts, not to be rhetorical but to actually elicit responses from you the viewers at home. ?We actually care and want to know what you think. ?We want as much participation as possible. ?Your opinions matter and many times your insight can help someone else who may be struggling with the same issue. ?The more conversation we have on our webpage, Facebook, and hopefully Twitter (fairly soon), the better our resources will be for people.

Our plea is this; please share your insights with us on our webpage and Facebook. ?We want to hear from you, and we believe the more conversation we have, the better our community will be, both online and off. ?Which online medium to you prefer, Twitter, Facebook, Blog? ?What is something you’d like to see a post on? Please post comments below!

Kerry working on her pull ups! ?Click here to check out more pics on Flickr!