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But It’s Going to Hurt…

Is this your view on something difficult?  Are you worried it’s going to hurt?  Something that is worthwhile to achieve usually comes with some pain.  The gym is no exception to this, but this applies to anything good.  Anything good comes with hard work and that hard work usually hurts.  

Sometimes feeling pain is a good thing and leads to something better.  There’s a big difference between pain and harm.  When we go to the dentist to get a tooth worked on, it hurts.  Sometimes it hurts a lot!  The end result is a pain free tooth.  The dentist ‘hurt’ us to create a better outcome.  The dentist didn’t cause harm, just hurt.  Many times when you can go through the hurt, you will receive a better outcome for it.  

So yes, what we do hurts but it will not cause harm.  It WILL cause a better outcome, so maybe it’s time to go through the hurt.


5-3-13 WOD


Overhead Squat 

1 x 5; 1 x 5+ 


1 x 5; 1 x 5+    

Met Con:


Push ups x 5 (for the month of may)

Sit ups x 3 (the day she was born)

Overhead lunges x 10 each leg ( for the year she was born)

Box jumps x 35 (the number of minutes shannon pushed during delivery)

3 rounds for time

All while holding a 10lb plate

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!  3 years already!