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Calling the Plays and Execution

American Football first started in 1879.  Since then the rules have been modified and updated but since the beginning the premise of football has been relatively the same.  You take the ball made out of leather and within the rules, you try to cross your opponents goal line to score points.  Football has been around a long time!  Most ideas and plays in football have been around a long time as well.  There are variations on those plays but the premise remains the same.  With all these different teams, players, coaches etc., much of the game has not changed.  Certainly the goals haven’t changed.

If all of that is true, what then is the difference between a winning and a losing team?  What do some coaches do to bring teams championships?  The answer is calling the right plays, and providing an environment for the plays to be executed with success.  You can be the best play callers in the world, but if your team can not execute the play, you will not win.  The reverse is also true, you can be the best team in the world, but if you call the wrong plays your team will not win.  (Hail mary on the goal line maybe?…. of course not).

In the fitness world the same rules apply.  The push up has been around for a long time.  People have been working with barbells for a long time.  The difference is two fold, having a play caller that knows what the heck they are doing, and providing an environment for success.  The reason why CrossFit Bartlett athletes are so successful lies in the teams knowledge of exercise and physiology.  I personally have made this a life long passion and study.  This truly is my life’s work.  I studied and worked in universities for 8 years, and have been coaching in some form or fashion for 13 years.  The second aspect of why we are successful is due to the environment we create.  We actively strive to create an environment for success, both in facilities and equipment, as well as community and coaching support.  

With these two factors combined, it creates a play calling and execution combination that is of championship caliber.  Does your gym have those two factors in place?  Take those things into consideration when choosing a place to put your money, time, heart and soul into.  That place should have these two factors in order to create an environment for success.  Are you a part of a championship team?


WOD 5-15-13


Will be discussed in class.

Met Con:

Wall Balls x 20

Pull Ups x 10

5 rounds for time