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Can’t Wait… CrossFit in Memphis

This Saturday we have a couple of events going on:

The last class in our Success Track for this month will be Saturday at 10:30AM.

This class is called Overdrive

It’s about stepping up to the next gear and keeping the engine running correctly.

We will be discussing ins and outs of taking care of yourself.  Things you need to do for recovery as well as basic injury prevention and mobility.  I’m a subject matter expert in assessment, prevention, and rehabilitation, so this class is designed to prevent or take care of things that I see from time to time in the CrossFit world.  Don’t miss out!

Saturday night we will be having our Halloween party!  

It’ll be a costume party of course, and our staff has been working hard on decorating, and coming up with fun games to play for adults and kids.  There will be prizes for the best costume of the night.  We will also have Paleo food catered for you, so it’s going to be great!  


Overdrive class at 10:30AM

– Awesome mobility and maintenance tips

Halloween Party that night

– Awesome food, fun, costumes, and festivities!

It’s going to be epic!


10-21-13 WOD


To be discussed in class

Met Con:

Level 3/ 2 

6 x 400m run 

90 second rest 

Level 1/ Beginner 

4 x 400m run 

90 second rest