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Coach, What Should I Lift?

I’ve been running into a disturbing trend lately.  A ton of our athletes are asking for suggestions on what weights to lift…

As a coach I have no problems with this of course.  What I do have a problem with is when I ask you what you lifted last time and you have no idea.  I ask where your book or journal is, and the response is, ‘I didn’t write it down.’

Well then, how in the world am I supposed to know what you can lift if you don’t have any idea of what you can lift?  I would love to say I’m psychic or at least clairvoyant but the truth is I have no idea.  Our program is based off of progressions, and it’s extremely important for you to know what you did last time in order to make sure you are progressing.

That is of course if you want to progress and not just stay stagnant in your training.  My assumption is that for the most part you want to progress, so I’m going to make a deal with you…

You ready?

Here goes.  I’m going to write workouts on the board for you to do.  You do them and then write your results down somewhere accessible.  iPhones, journals, notebooks are all acceptable.  A piece of scrap paper laying around your car won’t work.  Then you’re going to keep those numbers somewhere accessible while you’re on the floor.  Here’s where the magic happens….

You ask me what you should lift today, and I ask you what you did last time, you tell me, and then I make an educated recommendation that will further progress you towards your goals!  😉

Deal? Ok good.  Now let’s make it happen and start crushing PR’s.

8-13-14 WOD


Tall Cleans

Clean Pull

Met Con:

800m run

KB x 30

Burpees x 30

3 rounds for time

(25 minute time cut off)


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