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Consistency is Key…

It’s very easy to fall out of the habit of training.  We have to pick up the kids this week from school. There’s a big project due at work. Fall break is here and we are going out of town…. life gets in the way.

I get it. I’m the same way believe it or not.  Many times it’s very hard for me to get a work out in.  My office is the gym, so sometimes it’s difficult to step away from the office, walk 30 feet into the gym and focus on a workout.  It’s tough, I know.

If you fall off the wagon though, you must get back on it. I know you just went out of town for fall break, but that was two weeks ago…. it’s time to get back to it.

I’ve noticed lately a fall off in attendance and it’s only October.  It concerns me because we are heading into the holidays, where everyone’s schedule gets crazy busy.  We start dealing with Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, then it’s Christmas and New Years and before you know it, you’ve gained 20lbs and haven’t been to the gym in over 3 weeks.

Let’s nip it in the bud now. Let’s schedule the workouts in and be consistent through the holidays.  Don’t be one of the people that needs a weight loss New Year’s Resolution.  Let’s get it done now.

What do you do to stay consistent?  Any tips or tricks?


10-21-14 WOD


HH Snatch

Met Con:

GHD Sit Ups x 50

Walking Lunges x 50 (each leg)

Sit ups x 100

Burpees x 100

For time

20 minute time cut off

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