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CrossFit Kid’s Blog

If you are reading this you are either, involved with CrossFit Kids or maybe interested in getting your kid in a great fitness program. If you?ve ever watched adults CrossFit it might look like throwing some heavy weights around and pushing yourself to near death. Well, with CrossFit Kids, it?s not the same. Yes, I will push them, but there are no heavy weights and the kids are having fun the whole time.

We all know childhood obesity is on the rise, and kid?s nutrition is not quite where it should be. CrossFit Kids plays an active role with your kids and their health. Your child is learning an appreciation for movement, because we make exercise fun! Every class starts with a skill that we need to practice, and then we warm up, we review or learn a skill, complete the WOD (workout of the day) and then play a game or ?cash out.? Your child is constantly moving, interacting with others, and learning new skills.

Each class your child is getting stronger and healthier by training balance, agility, speed, power and coordination?these are some of the trainable physical skills that CrossFit can develop. If your child plays a sport, all of these are necessary for them to be a better athlete. If you child wants to make CrossFit their sport, we can be that too. Or?if you need to get your kid off the couch or computer, this is one great way to get them moving!